By providing our customers with additional assembly opportunities, Seasky adds value, lowers manufacturing costs, and increases customer's satisfaction. Our operations employ lean manufacturing practices such as one-piece flow, manufacturing cells, and flexible workspace. Assembly and finishing equipment are portable and movable, allowing tremendous flexibility to mold and assemble within a small and efficient footprint. Completed assemblies and sub-assemblies benefit our customers with improved quality, lower cost, and fewer inventoried part.

Assembly and finishing operation include:
     •  Mechanical Assembly
     •  Ultrasonic welding and insertion
     •  Thermal welding ( heat staking) and insertion
     •  Machining
     •  Adhesive bonding
     •  Hot stamping
     •   Pad printing
     •  Thermal transfer printing
     •   Painting
     •   Sonic welding

More sophisticated finishing operations such as painting, plating, shielding are provided through Seasky and our supply chain partners

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