Quality Control
 Quality Control Procedure
 Inspection Equipment
Seasky's leadership in the plastic injection molding industry is based on our unrivaled commitment to quality and timely delivery. Every day we live up to our promise ¡ª to produce products fast, right and on-time.
Our quality systems are customer based. At Seasky, our primary goal is to clearly understand the product and user needs, and apply that knowledge to the quality planning process. Detailed quality guidelines are established for each purchased and manufactured item forming the basis for all quality assurance activities. Cross-functional employee teams are assigned to each project for superior production, early identification of problems, and cost improvements.

Seasky is ISO 9001: 2000 Certified and UL registered. Once the CAD data is received, the mould is manufactured, moulded, tested and inspected using in-house Co-ordinate Measuring Machines (CMM). All of these activities are carried out in our factory to strict quality control guidelines by our experienced staff to ensure they meet our customer¡¯s specific requirements.


Our paperless system means that all documentation for design, planning, quotes and production is done electronically for the most complete and efficient project records. Electronic files also enable team members at Seasky and the client to readily share information, and increase the level of understanding across all departments. Owing to the nature of the businesses we work with, all Seasky systems have built in confidentiality features
With our in-house engineers and IT support, Seasky can readily respond to unique situations with an experienced staff. This minimizes production time so that delays in getting products to market are avoided.
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